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Thread: business plan revisited.

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    Mar 2010
    you and a friend are Start a computer building business.

    *You have a $10,000 loan.
    * Max 90 hours to devote.
    *Demand of product is 3 laptops for every 1 desktop.

    To build a desktop:
    -Cost of parts:$700
    -Time: 5 hours
    -Profit: $500

    To build laptop:
    -Cost of parts: $400
    -Time: 3 hours
    -Profit: $300

    How many of each should you make to maximize profit?

    He said the constraints where

    $\displaystyle 700x+400y\leq 10,000$.
    $\displaystyle 5x+3y\leq 90$.
    $\displaystyle y\geq 3x$
    $\displaystyle x\geq 0 $
    $\displaystyle y\geq 0 $

    Thank you for the input.

    He also wants us to do the same thing but changed things up a little bit.

    *compute for EQUAL demand, and a loan of $12,400
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