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Thread: RC network

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    Mar 2010

    RC network

    Hi am new to this forum and i need some urgent help with a assignment, right heres the question:

    a sereis RC network with a 100(ohm) resistor and a 2μF capacitor connected across a 400Hz 115v supply:

    1. Calculate the value for Xc clearly stating the formula used and units of each parameter.
    2.calculate the values for the impedance and phase angle of this circuit arrangement and check that the values obtained correspond with your sketch
    3. calculate true power of this circuit
    4. calculate the apparent power for this circuit
    5. calculate the power factor

    please guys any help will be appreciated
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    Jun 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay1001 View Post
    bump, any help please
    We are ready to help you. But before that open the text book and find the expression for Xc, the impedance and the power factor.
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