ok im working on a problem and i need to find
Ax=B, i think i got it correct but i want to make sure because theres more to the problem, and if the first part isnt right, then the rest wontbe either

A1.)1/2z - 1/4w = 1/6
B1.)1/2z + 1/4w = 1/6

A.2)z = 1/2w + 1/3
B.2)z = -1/2w + 1/3

(Ax=b) =
|1 1/2||z|------[1/3]
------------ =
|1 -1/2||w|-----[1/3]

the above statement is so suppose to represent on expression of Ax=B
but i dont know how to write matrices on a computer, so this is the best i can do.
sorry in advance