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Thread: Area Calculations,dont understand the question!

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    Area Calculations,dont understand the question!

    I dont understand this question,
    Do I calculate the area within the triangle and plus the iregular bits then deduct the small overlap or does the question mean the regular triangular area plus the iregular area.what is the boundry,what is the perimeter?
    The question reads as follows....[an iregular bounded area where a linear survey has been carried out taking offsets at 20m intervals .The 3 stations are located lon the perimeter with horizontal distance of AB = 160.00m,BC = 120.00m,AC = 100.00m.
    Determin the area within the boundary.Use simpsons rule to verify and one other method and explain the most accurate in this case.
    I am not asking for the answer just an explanation.
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    Apparently, they want you to use Simpson's rule to find the areas of the bounded regions given the various lengths.

    Take section BC.

    $\displaystyle \begin{array}{c|c}\text{distance}&\text{length}\\ 0 & 0\\20&6.23\\40&8.89\\60&6.41\\80&9.13\\100&8.15\\1 20&0\end{array}$

    Now, use the Simpson's rule formula:

    It is broken into 6 intervals.

    $\displaystyle \int_{0}^{120}h(x)dx$$\displaystyle \approx \frac{120}{(3)(6)}\left[0+4(6.23)+2(8.89)+4(6.41)+2(9.13)+4(8.15)+0\right]\approx 794.67$
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