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Thread: EXTREMELY Difficult Sequence Question!!!

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    EXTREMELY Difficult Sequence Question!!!

    What is the pattern linking the following sequences (each sequence has 25 letters in it) AND, if I were to tell you that the sequences (1),2),3),4),5) are in chronological order, can you predict the next one (i.e. what would row 6 look like?):

    1) D E E C B B D D E E A A C B D C B E D C D A C A B

    2) E D A B C D B A D C C B D C A B C E C D E A E A B

    3) C B D E B A D C D B C D E D A B E E B D A B B C D

    4) D C E E D A B B D C A A E A D D C C E C B A C D E

    5) E C B B D B D A D C E C D B A D D C E A B A E C E

    6) B D C A D A C A B D E D A E B B D B E D E D C C E
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    Two things:

    1) I don't know what you mean by chronological order since they're letters, not numbers.

    2) This should have been posted in the puzzle area.
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