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Thread: Function Explanation

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    Jan 2010

    Function Explanation

    Sorry. I posted my last question in the wrong section.. This is moree appropriate.

    I understand functions for the most part, but I feel as if I'm overthinking this.

    find g(f(x)), if defined..

    f(x) = 2x-5
    g(x) =5..

    The answer says "5" but I don't understand why.

    I can't input f into g .. the work shows

    g(2x-5) = 5

    I'm just looking for an explanation please

    I'm going to try to delete the other thread now.
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    Jan 2010
    If g(x) = 5 then that is true for all values of x. You can plug anything you want into g(x) and you will get 5. g(0) = 5, g(1) = 5, g(f(x)) = 5 ... etc
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