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Thread: finding points on the curve

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    Jan 2010

    finding points on the curve

    Hi, can someone explain to me how to solve the following question
    Find the points on the curve y= 2/3x-2 where the tangent is parallel to the line y=-3/2 x-1
    This what I did:
    since m is given and b intercept:
    y= -3/2x-1
    then i am stuck and dont know how to solve it.Help would be appreciated
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    Jan 2010

    Is this algebra?

    I'm not sure of your notation. I believe your first equation must be
    y=2/(3x)-2, i.e., x is in the denominator. Do you know how to find the derivative of 2/(3x)-2? If so, that represents the slope of the first equation at any point, x. Use the slope of the second equation and what you know about parallel lines to finish.
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