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    Dec 2009

    Red face Number Scaling

    I apologize,I don't know what the proper name for what I'm trying to achieve is...

    Let's say I have a set of distances between 0 and 300. One of those distances is 25.33.

    Then I have another ranking scale that ranges between 1.3 and 0.9 that is used as an exponent.

    I want to choose the ranking exponent based on the distance. So if distance is 0 then it is ranked at 1.3 and if the distance is 300 it is ranked at 0.9.

    How do I find what ranking exponent to use for a distance of 25.33? Not specifically this number, but the math that would let me calculate it for any number between 0 and 300...

    Thanks for any help!
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    Dec 2009
    if 0 is ranked 1.33
    and 300 is ranked .9 than
    it went down 0.43 in 300.
    so $\displaystyle \Delta r= \frac{.43}{300}d$ were r is rank and d is distance
    $\displaystyle r=1.33- \frac{.43}{300}d$

    $\displaystyle r=1.33- \frac{.43}{300}25.33=1.26694$
    for 0
    $\displaystyle r=1.33-0$
    for 300
    $\displaystyle r=1.33-.43=.9$

    ---$\displaystyle \int$
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    Dec 2009
    thank you! I think this will be precisely what I need!
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