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Thread: Practice Test Questions...Part B

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    Practice Test Questions...Part B

    Question 5.

    If xy = 7 and x - y = 5, then x 2 y - xy 2 =

    A. 2

    B. 12

    C. 24

    D. 35

    Question 6.

    To celebrate a colleague's graduation, the m coworkers in an office agreed to contribute equally to a catered lunch that costs a total of y dollars. If p of the coworkers fail to contribute, which of the following represents the additional amount, in dollars, that each of the remaining coworkers must contribute to pay for the lunch?

    A. y / m

    B. y / (m-p)

    C. py / (m-p)

    D. py / ((m-p)m)

    Question 7.

    A heavy rope, 100 ft long, weighs 0.5 lb/ft and hangs over the edge of a building 120 ft high. How much work is done in pulling the rope to the top of the building?

    A. 2500 foot-pounds

    B. 1200 foot-pounds

    C. 3000 foot-pounds

    D. None of these

    Question 8.

    Mary, at age 35, decides to deposit $2000 per year in a bank, for the next 30 years. How much will she have at age 65 if her rate of return is assumed to be 10% per annum?

    A. $300,000

    B. $328,988

    C. $250,000

    D. None of these

    Question 9.

    Tickets must be purchased for the $75 grand prize. The cost of the ticket is $3, and 150 tickets will be sold. Determine John's expectation if he purchases one ticket.

    A. $ -1.5

    B. $ -2.5

    C. $ -3.5

    D. $ -4.5

    Question 10.

    A foreign student club lists as its members two Canadians, three Japanese, five Italians, and two Germans. Find the probability that all nationalities are represented if a committee of size 4 is selected at random.

    A. 0.12

    B. 0.4

    C. 0.36

    D. 0.05

    I am taking a test in two weeks. I need help with these sample questions.
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    Nov 2009
    Question 5:

    I'm sorry I don't actually know what you mean by "x 2 y", if you mean a multiplication, than I would say that: $\displaystyle x \cdot 2 \cdot y - 2 \cdot x \cdot y = 0$.

    Question 6:

    Answer B, because we have $\displaystyle m$ people, but when $\displaystyle p$ people fail to contribute, we get $\displaystyle m-p$ people that can contribute, so if we have something that costs $\displaystyle y$. We get $\displaystyle \frac{y}{(m-p)}$ that each of the people in $\displaystyle m - p$ needs to pay.

    I'm sorry for not posting further, I have the feeling I'm making homework
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