Sorry if i have posted in the wrong area... but I was not sure where to post this.. in a way I think it is a maths "puzzle" but it didn't seam tot fit into any particular categories so I thought I would post it here... I hope someone can help.

Anyway... I am trying to work out how many frames per second my camera needs to take photos to record a event that will play back in a video of a certain length...

What We Know
  • Event Time in Hours.
  • Final Video FPS = 25 fps (So 25 frames = 1 second)
  • Final Video Length in Minuets
  • Each Photo to be on screen for 1/2 a second.

  • Event Time = 6 Hours
  • Final Video FPS = 25fps
  • Final Video Length = 10 Minuets
  • Each individual photo to be held on screen for 30 seconds

How many total photo's are required to make the video = ????
How many seconds dose the camera have to pause before taking each photo = ????

Anyway I hope you can help... I would like to be able to then plug in different "known values" to make different types of videos. (Eg:- event time - 2 hours, video length = 4 minuets)

Thanks in advance.