Can you please help me with this question?
6(i) Expand (a+bx)3
The expansion of (1-x)(a+bx)3 in ascending powers of x begins 8-2x+
(ii) Find the values of a and b.

(I found out that (a+bx)3 = a3 + 3a2bx + 3ab2x2 + b3x3 )
For (ii), do you have to substitute numbers into (1-x)(a+bx)3 ?
sub x=0 into
(1-x) (a3 + 3a2bx) = 8-2x
a 3 = 8
a = 2

sub x=3 into (1-x) (23 + 3(2)2bx) = 8-2x
b= -4??

Thank you so much!