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Thread: Help a noob out please

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    Help a noob out please


    I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post this topic, but here it goes.

    As you can see i am new here, and i do have a-lot of questions to ask.

    Please take it easy on me since i know i am new and might ask stupid question on math problems.

    Would anyone know off hand what good books could help me with solving math problems? From simple mathematics from algebra to geometry, and so on.

    I went to the library a few days ago and picked up 2 books and they are not really well informed

    !st book i got was pre-algebra demystified this book is basically for some one that already has a grasp on algebra not for me basically.

    2nd book i walked out with is called Math word problems the easy way and again this book is only subjected to some that has a grasp on things and it's basically used for a refresher.

    I basically need a book then can teach me step by step rules from the break down to the built up techniques.

    If anyone has any good references please do not be shy to message me. Thanks
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    This question crops up again and again in some guise or other. Probably impossible to answer in the context of this forum with any level of objectivity, so I wonder whether it's worth putting a subforum together on this subject with a sticky thread with some standard recommendations?

    (As for me, I haven't got a clue about books at a basic level, so someone else may be able to help out here.)

    Also, what might be useful would be a sort of "aptitude test" that would-be questioners could give themselves, e.g. "Was this question easy? Then such-and-such a book would be beneath you." Or: "Was this question incomprehensible? Then leave so-and-so book alone, it will be way over your head."

    Yes I know, this is likely to be a tall order and a large project. Does anyone know of such a project? Is anyone interested in collaborating on one to set such a resource up?
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