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Thread: Stats help - multiple choice part 1

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    May 2009

    Stats help - multiple choice part 1

    3. A regression of the amount of calories in a serving of breakfast cereal vs. the amount of fat gave the following results: Calories = 97.1053 + 9.6525(Fat). Which of the following is FALSE?
    (a) It is estimated that for every additional gram of fat in the cereal, the number of calories
    increases by about 10.
    (b) It is estimated that in cereals with no fat, the total amount of calories is about 97.
    (c) If a cereal has 2 g of fat, then it is estimated that the total number of calories is about 116.
    (d) The correlation between amount of fat and calories is positive.
    (e) One cereal has 140 calories and 5 g of fat. Its residual is about 5 cal.

    4. Which of the following statements is/are true?
    I. Correlation and regression require explanatory and response variables.
    II. Scatterplots require that both variables be quantitative.
    III. Every least-squares regression line passes through
    (a) I and II only
    (b) I and III only
    (c) II and III only
    (d) I, II, and III
    (e) None of the above
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