Average return
Year: 1997 and 2007
Emerging market: 2.340(1997) 19.316(2007)
Developed market: 21.786(1997) 3.718(2007)

Standard deviation of returns
Year: 1997 and 2007
Emerging market: 48.065(1997) 16.255(2007)
Developed market: 21.825(1997) 13.698(2007)

I found the above datas and I need to compare the variability in the returns of developed and emerging markets within and across the two time periods.
Firstly I said For 1997 there were more averge returns for the Developed markets compare to 2007's developes. On the other hand, more returns in 2007 emerging market than 1997. Secondly for boths 1997 and 2007 Standard deviations are quite big which indicates that the datas are “spread out” over a large range of values.

I dont know what else I have to say. Any advice or help??

Thank you =)