I'm needing help compiling a simple ranking algorithm. I have the following values:

1.) traffic rank: A site with a traffic ranking of 100,000 and above should be considered unreliable. The closer this value is to the number 1, the more reliable and more reach and traffic the site gets which is considered valuable.

2.) registered users: The more registered users a site has the more value it has.

3.) saturation: The more saturation a site has the more value it has. Meaning the higher this number the more value this site has.

4.) voting popularity: The variable can range in both positive and negative directions with 0 being the constant (or starting point). For example, a site that has 2 positive votes will have a score of +2. A site with 2 negative votes will have a score of -2. If a site has 6 votes, 3 positive and 3 negative its score would be 0.

5.) page rank: This variable range is limited from 0 to 10. 10 being the highest score a site can get.

6.) ilinks: The more ilinks a site has the more value it has.

7.) olinks: The more olinks a site has the less value it has.

I would like to assigned weights to each one of these values enabling some values to be more important than others in determining a single sites total value. This value will be used to determine ranking position amongst other sites within the index for search results.

This seems very rudimentary, however, the ranges of certain values not be equal to others e.g. page rank 0 to 10 and voting scores that are positive and negative are throwing me for a loop.

Can anyone provide a formula for this or direction?

Thanks for any help at all