Any help would be appreciated. I keep staring at this and i idon;t know where to begin. Thank lyou!
A director must inspect and "OK" design (D), marketing (M), and financial (F) analyses for a number of new project ideas before passing a recommendation on a product. She has determined a set of probabilities for project proposals (where FA is interpreted as acceptable financial analysis, DU is interpreted as unsatisfactory design analysis, etc.)
P[DA] = 0.75; P[MA l DA] = 0.85; P[MA l DU] = 0.60
P[FAlDA and MA] = 0.90; P[FAl DA and MU] = 0.75
P[FA lDU and MA] = 0.65; P[FA | DU and MU] = 0.40
a.Draw a probability tree that illustrates all appropriate outcomes.
b.Determine the probability that:
i. no analysis for a new project will be acceptable.
ii. all analyses for new plans will be acceptable.
iii. a project will be acceptable despite flawed marketing analysis.