I have 2 questions that am stuck at - they both involve computing range and I have not taken a stats class in forever. please help me out!

it asks to calculate range on the following freq distribution and then has the table below:

A.The degree of agreement students have with the statement, "Statistics examinations are fun."

Degree of Agreement f
strongly disagree 7
moderately disagree 11
somewhat disagree 26
somewhat agree 14
moderately agree 2
Strongly agree 0

How does one calculate Range for this?

Also the other question was

b.The number of televisions in homes of one suburban neighborhood

No. TVs f
0 2
1 4
2 12
3 15
4 7
5 0
6 1
7 0

For the second question i came up with 6 as the answer. Am i correct?

hope some one can help!