Hey All:

Is there anyone who is proficient in MatLab?. I am learning it and have something I do not know how to do.

How can we find the asymptotic standard error in MatLab?.

I have the matrix:

$\displaystyle \begin{bmatrix}111.5&121.5&131.5&141.5&151.5&161.5 &171.5&181.5&191.5\end{bmatrix}$

Test $\displaystyle H_{0}:{\beta}=0$

$\displaystyle z=\frac{\hat{\beta}}{ASE}=\frac{.0243}{.0048}=5.03$

The prediction equation is $\displaystyle -6.082+.0243x$

Obviously, beta hat comes from .0243 in the equation, but that ASE is a booger and can't really be done by hand.

SSPS would be easier, but I do not have that yet.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this in matlab, maple or whatnot?.

Just checking because I have no idea.