Greetings folks!

The issue: I have analysed the 61 patients' SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). SNPs are just the variation in the nucleotide of a particular locus on the chromosome. Quoting my case, my SNP can take either one of these following makeup: CC, GG, CG. On each locus a person can have two nucleotides on it. In my situation, the nucleotides can be "CC", "GG", or "CG". I have found that 27 patients have "CC", 10 patients have "GG", and 24 patients have "CG".

Simplified form:
  1. CC = 27
  2. GG = 10
  3. CG = 24

Sum: 61.

Query: What statistical analysis can I do with regards to the data above? Statistical analysis, in the sense that checking whether it is almost close to the true target of the population at large, so something along the line of Confidence Interval or Chi Square I believe?

I have not taken Statistics back in high school, so I need a bit of help here (though I am willing to learn )

Thank you and have a great nice day