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    Oct 2008


    hey guys. i'm stuck on this question, can anybody please help me by any chance?

    In a particular road it is estimated that there is a 31%chance that any specified house will be burgled over a period of two years, independently for each house. There are 6 houses in the road.What is the probability that fewer than two houses will be burgled over the period?

    any ideas? please help
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    Aug 2008
    This is a binomial distribution with n=6 and p=0.31. If X is the number of houses burgled then we seek
    $\displaystyle Pr(X<2)=Pr(X=0)+Pr(X=1)$
    then use the formula
    $\displaystyle Pr(X=x)=(^n_{x})p^x(1-p)^{n-x}$
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