An experiment was conducted to test the effects of nitrogen fertiliser on lettuce production. Five rates of ammonium nitrate were applied to four blocks in a completely randomised design. The data are the number of heads of lettuce harvested from the plot.

Treatment (kgs/acre) Heads of lettuce/plot
1 2 3 4
0 104 114 90 140
50 134 130 144 174
100 146 142 152 156
150 147 160 160 163
200 131 148 154 163

(a) suppose we decide to ignore the blocking factor, complete the output for a one-way analysis of variance given below.

Source DF SS MS F P
Treatment ______ __________ _________ ________ 0.0058
Error ______ 3338 _________
Total ______ 8333

(b) Use minitab to perform a two-way analysis of variance. (note: can someone please just provide me with the instructions on how to do this?)

(c) Using a significance level of 0.05, do you conclude that average yield is the same for each treatment? (Make sure you include $\displaystyle H_{0}$ and $\displaystyle H_{1}$, the test statistic, the distribution of the test statistic under $\displaystyle H_{0}$, and the p-value or critical region.)

If anyone can provide ANY help with any of these questions i would be very grateful!!