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Thread: Create/Solve Probability Formula, Using values 1-50

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    Jul 2008

    Create/Solve Probability Formula, Using values 1-50

    Hey guys, new to the forums here, this will be my first post, so be gentle to your math impaired friend here... (if this is in the wrong forum, plz move it)

    To give a quick overview, this question is about texas holdem poker and calculating the probabilty of differnt "flops" occuring

    ( in this form of poker, you are dealt 2 cards out of the 52 card deck in the first round of play, once that round is completed a "flop" is dealt consisting of 3 cards from the remaining unseen 50 cards, in this discussion order does not matter)

    ! Here comes my math for dummies explantion, plz bare with !

    so to calculate the probabilty of the flop being 3-3-3 whend you hold 65 in your hand would be calculated

    ( 50 unseen cards, 4 of which are a "3"

    4/50=A=First card dealt
    3/49=B=Second card dealt
    2/48=C=Third card dealt

    A x B x C= the probabilty of 3-3-3 occuring on the flop

    first off is that correct?

    Second and the reason im posting, this would mean that within calculating the probabilty of anything occuring on the "flop" my calculations would only ever involve

    A- value between 1-50
    B- value between 1-49
    C- Value Between 1-48

    Is there a calculator/software/program that will allow me to create the formula in the first part of the discussion, then allow me to tell it that the values I want it to compute are A/B/C, 1-50/1-49/1-48 respectively and it will solve every variable of that formula one by one, without having to type in every single differnt combination of possible values for A/B/C ?

    I hope I phrased that right, if anyone has some info, or needs a clarification, plz post. TY

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    Jul 2008
    just found matlab/mathematica, from what I can tell these may be able to do what im looking for, anyone verify?
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