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Thread: binomial distribution

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    Jun 2008

    binomial distribution

    i could really do with some help with this for my coursework.

    basically i rolled five dice 200 times and had to write down how many times i got a 6 in each throw.
    now i have to do the binomial distribution with the results and then the chai square

    does anyone know what to do. i dont really understand all of the text available on the internet
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    Aug 2007
    For each die on each individual throw, Pr(6) = 1/6, Pr(not 6) = 5/6

    For each throw of 5 dice,

    Pr(5\;6s) = 1(1/6)^{5}(5/6)^{0}
    Pr(4\;6s) = 5(1/6)^{4}(5/6)^{1}
    Pr(3\;6s) = 10(1/6)^{3}(5/6)^{2}
    Pr(2\;6s) = 10(1/6)^{2}(5/6)^{3}
    Pr(1\;6s) = 5(1/6)^{1}(5/6)^{4}
    Pr(0\;6s) = 1(1/6)^{0}(5/6)^{5}

    You should be able to specify entirely such a small distribution. It is a very orderly construct.

    Use the \chi^{2} test to see how well your experiment matches these probabilities.
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