Ok, my final is tomorrow, our teacher has worked out a system for letting 1 person not take it.

Whoever has the most theoretical fake money.

It goes like this. There will be a few 5 digit numbers drawn, like a lotto.

I have 40 5 digit numbers to come up with by tomorrow to try to match with the ones drawn.

All 5 digits = $1000,
Ending 4 digit match = $100,
Ending 3 digit match = $10,
last 2 digit match = $1
and 0 match = nothing.

I dont know how many 5 digit numbers will be drawn, so thats the hard part or i could work out an equation, but there will be no more than 5 five digit numbers. Ive heard suggestions like use 11111 and 22222 to have the most probability of adding to my winnings, or just focusing on the last 2 numbers to get the most cash out of 40 combinations, any tips or numbers would be appreciated.