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Thread: Solve the probability/logic.

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    Solve the probability/logic.

    Dear Sir,
    I decided to write you this email after many months of "searching" and trying to "solve" my Program's "Income/Cash generating mechanisms" formula or module for my projects. The answer to my question will be very beneficial to my "Church Members" and the poor people in the future. I beg you to help me "solve" my questions in whatever manner you can think of for the sake of millions of poor "mankind' regardless of creed, race, nationalities and religion. Please help me in the name of GOD. God Bless You Always.
    For a better understanding, here I explain about the following:
    • “Forced Single Matrix System” is a system used in the Program and terms to describe the placing of the Members’ ACCOUNTS (MA) when it “entered” until they “exited” the matrix. To fill the matrix a total number of 6888 ACCOUNTS (MA-ID’s) must be entered into the Program, which is placed in a ‘Straight Single-Line Downlines Matrix.’
    • “Cycle” is the progress movement for the ACCOUNTS to move from the “beginning” of the matrix to the “end”. This is a cycling program.
    • “Completed A Cycle” is to describe an ACCOUNT, which has a total number of 6888 accounts, placed under it as the ‘Downlines’. As a result it is ‘flushed out’ of the matrix.
    “Think of our matrix as a group of new signs up placed in our exclusive Straight Single-Line Downlines Matrix.
    Every Member ACCOUNTS is placed as “Downlines” and arranged in a single row, one right after the other, with you at the lead as the “Uplines.” Everyone who signs up after you lands under you in the matrix. Yes, everyone (ACCOUNTS) moves in a single row and progress through pushing your ACCOUNT up the line until it comes to the end of the matrix, made to exit and re-entered again and again into the Program. This makes the progression moves in one big cycle hence, giving everybody the opportunity to be the first and the last, as they rotate around in a cycle. As a result you’ll stand to receive $5,533.00 over and over again!
    We strictly implement a regulated policy. FIFO: “First IN First OUT” Policy. You join in first, and you get your Cash earlier. In this Program everyone has a common goal. THE GOAL: To exit the matrix as fast as possible and receive their money.
    How the Program’s mechanisms work and generate cash for each ACCOUNT at each Level until it exited the matrix >>>The mechanism is based on mathematical formula, theorem and proven by logic was formulated to ensure that the predetermined amount of cash promised for each ACCOUNT once it exits the matrix can be met. The formula basically uses the $100.00 we received from each Member. The projected maximum accumulative amount of CASH each person will stand to receive from One ACCOUNT per cycle will be $5,533.00. (Five Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Three Dollars Only)
    Please work out a mathematical formula/solution and module to prove that the system can sustain its operation. DESIGN THE SYSTEM TO HAVE A “CUT OFF” Life, whereby every account will be made to exit the Program, get their money and what is left in the Matrix/Program are “DUMMY ACCOUNTS” which will not be paid. After EVERYONE ARE “FLUSHED OUT” The Program will start again with either the same group of people or new signs ups.
    *Every signs up will have to pay the sum of $100.00 to join in the Program and when a total of 6888 accounts are entered into the Program, it is full and he/she will be flushed out. Upon exited he/she will receive $5,533.00. He/she will automatically be made to enter the Program again by paying another $100.00.

    Thank you.
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    This is a (rather simple) pyramid scheme that cannot work. Send me $10 to obtain a written proof.
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