how do you approach these kind of questions?

(a) In an experiment, the following survival times (in minutes) were recorded, under a certain condition, of the peroneal nerves of four cats and ten rabbits.

Cats: 25 33 43 45
Rabbits: 15 16 16 17 20 23 28 28 35 35

Use a randomization test to investigate whether these samples are from the same distribution. You should define your null and alternative hypotheses, and state clearly what you can conclude from the results of your test.

(b) Consider the following data relating to the mandible lengths (in millimetres) of 10 male golden jackals "Canis aureus" in the collection at the British Natural History Museum:

Males: 120 107 110 116 114 111 113 117 114 112

Calculate an estimate of the mean mandible length for male golden jackals, given the observed data. Calculate the standard error of your estimate for the mean mandible length (using the bootstrap technique)