Hello, afraid stats was never my strongest maths subject, so hoping someone can help me with this.

I'm fitting a non-linear regression line to some data. The line has the form
where a0, a1 and a2 are free parameters. I'm currently using the program xmgrace to plot graphs and carry out function fitting. A typical output would be

Fitting with formula: y=a0+1.086*(x/a1)^a2
Initial guesses:
a0 = 1
a1 = 1
a2 = 1
Tolerance = 1e-14
Relative error in the sum of squares is at most tol.
Computed values:
a0 = 19.5413
a1 = 8.41693
a2 = 0.974081

Chi-square: 0.932071
Correlation coefficient: 0.974664
RMS per cent error: 0.00781243
Theil U coefficent: 0.00796977

What I would love to know is would any of the above allow me to calculate the individual errors for each of the parameters?

Thanks for reading,