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Thread: probability of received sequence of digits.

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    Question probability of received sequence of digits.

    10 possible series of numbers are being transmitted:
    0000(porbability 0,55)
    1111(porbability 1%)
    2222(porbability 2%)
    3333(porbability 3%)
    4444(porbability 4%)
    5555(porbability 5%)
    6666(porbability 6%)
    7777(porbability 7%)
    8888(porbability 8%)
    9999(porbability 9%)

    every transmitted digit is correctly received with probability of 0,37, but wronly received with probabilty of 0,07
    Assume that in the sequence of digits every digit receiving quality dies not depend on other digits receiving quality.
    What is the probability that after 1111 was transmitted, but 1248 be received.

    How to start with this?
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