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Thread: Multiple conditions, can it be done?

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    Aug 2012

    Multiple conditions, can it be done?

    ∑_(i=1)^T▒〖[c(x_i d_i s_i)+(x_i r_i ) 〗] for d>1 + ∑_(i=1)^T▒〖〖[x〗_i (d_i s_i+r_i )]〗 for d=1


    x= number of people
    s = number of events
    i = unique event
    d = days
    c is a constant 0<c<1

    Basically I'm trying to say that if a person is going to i that can only happen on a single day. So it only gets counted once.
    The events s happen over the course of a number of days.
    Days, d is the number of days the person attends across the period the events are held.
    x is the number of people in a group.

    I'm trying to say that if someone says they are going to i then they are goin to it once.
    If the person is attending for one day then they go to whatever events they say they are attending.
    If however they are going for more than one day the proportion of events other than i that they attend on any give day is c.

    Can I do that as in have different conditions for d=1 and d>1 in the same equation.
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    Sep 2012

    Re: Multiple conditions, can it be done?

    Hey donnielighto.

    So basically you have a group of people all going to the same events (as a group) and you want to count only if the group goes to an event on each day (so no events on a day for the group then no count, otherwise a count of one)?

    If this is right then can you tell me what the probability is for going to x events in a day. Also are days independent? Are events independent?
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