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Thread: How do I chose methods for analyzing data after a psychological study? PLEASE READ!

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    Jul 2012

    Exclamation How do I chose methods for analyzing data after a psychological study? PLEASE READ!

    Hi everyone. I am a graduate student planning a six-week experiment revolving around inpatients with schizophrenia and possibly schizoaffective disorder. I will gather participants and randomly assign them to one of two groups; half in an experimental group, and half in a control group. Before the study, I will have all participants complete three inventories regarding their ways of coping, hopelessness levels, and delusions. My independent variable will be a five-minute depression inventory that the experimental group will take once a week. (The control group will spend the same amount of time each week doing an exercise unrelated to my study's topics, i.e. filling out nutrition worksheets.) The difference between the experimental group's baseline scores and Week 6 scores on all 4 inventories will serve as DV1. The difference between the control and experimental group's scores on all 4 inventories at the end of 6 weeks will serve as DV2.

    Here is an outline of how the study will be run:

    • Prior to the study - Experimental and control groups complete three preliminary inventories to establish a baseline of symptoms.
    • Weeks 1 - 5 - Experimental group takes the depression inventory (IV) once per week. Control group also meets at the same time for a distraction/useless exercise.
    • Week 6 - Both groups take all four inventories.

    Thus, the experimental group will be exposed to the IV 6 times, and the control will be exposed to it only 1 time. Both groups will take the other three inventories 2 times each.

    After collecting all of my data, how should I go about analyzing my findings? Should I run a type of ANOVA or a MANOVA? Should I perform a series of T-tests? If you have an answer, could you explain why you would choose one method over any other? (It needn't be long, just enough so I can understand your reasoning.) Please advise, as I am having an incredibly difficult time figuring out the best strategy for this particular experiment. I would be more than happy to supply you all with any additional info you need.

    Thank you SO much for your time and for any help you can provide.
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