Hey boys!

Just a real quick question about using my TI-84. I'm hours away from a stats exam and I was just doing a practice exam. Lots of the questions required me to fill in lists with data, use 1-Var Stats to evaluate that data, and then use the information there for other questions.

Well its annoying with all these decimal places to copy out the results for use in the following question + typing then it into the calculator. Is it possible to store the results of the 1-Var State function? For example Standard deviation (Sx in the calc): say its 2.53245323, can I store in a variable like say "s" and then enter that instead of the whole damn number? I know how to store answers in a variable usually, but this function produces an array of data as opposed to a single value, so the same method doesn't really apply.

Any help would be much appreciated!

P.S. I posted this again, but in the right section as this is a university question. If a moderator sees this, please delete my thread in the pre-university stats section.