Hello everyone,

I'm really struggling with this homework problem, I'm not really sure what to do:

Suppose the population comes from a random variable x = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 with population probabilitiesp(1)=p(2) and p(3)=p(4)=p(5)=p(6).
Let x1,..., xnbe a random sample from this population. If the variance σ2= 3 and a random sample of n=21 is drawn, then
P( | x | > 3.6311) is:
Hint: You may wish to use the fact that
σ2 = ∑(x-μ)2p(x)= ∑x2p(x) - μ2
I know first we must figure the two probabilities: here's one of the formulas you can use in a system of equations:


not sure what else to do.. any ideas?