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Thread: Help deadlne tomorrow! Forensic interpretation

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    Mar 2012

    Help deadlne tomorrow! Forensic interpretation


    I'm having a massive stress! I have to interpret some glass evidence. The glass is of 5% freq in a database of 3500 samples and I have the following data.This data is for glass with a 10% freq. How do i calculate these values for a 5% freq but still have my probability of the column still sum to 1? It has to sum to 1 for the next part of my interpretation. Ignore the 1st and second columns, it's the 3rd I'm interested in and they're not related. Before it considered the 10% rarity the orginal data in this column was 0.95, 0.04 and 0.01. I don't understand how they've gotten 0.995 from the original 0.95. HELP MUCH APPRECIATED!

    Quantityof glass
    ProbabilityPr (E | HP,I)
    ProbabilityPr (E | HD,I)
    Few(1 to 3)
    Several(More than 3)
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