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Thread: Question about Probability calculation.

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    Mar 2012

    Question about Probability calculation.

    Hello all,
    I'm working on probability project for french roulette and I've fall into some strange matematics out of my knoweledge and need your valuable help.

    this is the info:
    Z = 1/37
    R = 18/37
    ZR = Z * R = 0.0131482834

    and this is the formula:
    Question about Probability calculation.-col259-eq1-sml.gif

    Here my problem is that I don't know how to calculate Z and R values to get the rezult shown in a formula above
    all I need to know is how to sum (ZR)i part from formula, can you explain that to me please.

    Here is what I have done so far, and it gives me wrong result:
    pr(push) = Z * (Z / (1 - R)) * R = 0,0006920149
    The original site where I found this is located here:
    Ask the Wizard #259 - Wizard of Odds
    If you have any question please ask me.

    kind regards.

    thank you, I solve it yeah

    = 1/(1/Z * R) = 1,013323464

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