Hello everyone,

I am a PhD scholar and need help in analyzing my experimental data. I need to know how to compare 4 groups of data sets with the Control group. The data is in X-Y line format. I've used Prism Graph-pad to tabulate and analyze the line regression of the data sets. I need clarification on whether I'm using the right tools for the analysis. Please email me for further in-depth information.

Briefly, the data set for each group (n=5 mice) consists of the time taken in seconds for each animal to enter a "safe zone". This latency is checked after 24 hours and 72 hours of the first training trial (0 hr). The latency to enter decreases at 24 and 72 hours w.r.t 0 hr. I need to know whether this decrease in latency is statistically significant when compared to the same decrease in control animals.

Thanking you in advance.

Mayank Kumar