Hi Folks,

i'm writing up my masters dissertation and i just finished my stats. but i'd just like to check that ive used the right statistics for the data. could someone put my mind at rest?

i'm basically comparing five planted ponds with five control ponds. these count as repetitions of the experiment so i have means etc for each. once a week for six weeks i took samples and got data on a number of different variables (levels of nutrients, pH etc). I've run a two factor ANOVA with replication for each of the variables to see if theres a significant difference between the measurements for the planted and control ponds over time. I've also run a spearmans correlation to see if there are any correlations between any of the variables.

assuming this is correct i have an additional question; is it valid to run the correlation using both the control and planted data or should i split the data and run two correlations?

thanks very much,