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Thread: Probability repeat exam approaching....

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    Jan 2010

    Probability repeat exam approaching....

    Hey guys,

    I failed a probability 2 exam there last week. The lecturer was'ntany good, I think the whole class will be back at august from what ive heard. Im a secondyear actuarial mathematics student, would love to make it to 3rd year. The reason im posting is to ask does anyone know any good websites or books they would recommend to use for study material for a second course in probability, i have loads of time and need to perform well in this exam, as I said the lecturer was terrible, Ive got a few simple slides that to look at but after that i have nothing. I used Khan academy but barely covers a probability 1 course. It been of great help in other areas though, would highly recommend!

    Thanks for reading!

    Any feedback is much appreciated!

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    What topics are considered probability 2?
    It would help to know if that is somewhat like mathematical statistics or something else altogether.
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