Hello guys,

Here is the Q:

Mr Ferguson, the managing director of Vigil Limited, has asked you as a financial analyst to address various issues using the data provided in spreadsheet 1 (see Modules Tulip site), which sets out the profitability, beta, borrowing, market to book value and size of a sample of companies.
Then it gives you quite big Excel table with Columns such as: Borrowing,MTBV,Profitability ,Size,Beta.

First part of the question is:

Produce a results table from the computer printout, which includes: parameter estimates of the constant and coefficients in a multiple regression analysis of the four determinants of borrowing, their respective p-values, the overall R2 as well as that F-statistic and its associated p-value.

Now you are meant to use a software like MiniTab.
I really just dont know where to start if anyone can give me a clue or a hint it would be much appreciated. Really struggling with my stats.