i need help on these problems,actually im a neophyte in non-parametric statistics so anybody help

1. A drug company decided to manufacture a colds tablet in three different colors (re, brown, and blue). The colds tablet were then sold in a drug store. From the data below, test whether there is a color preference, level of confidence 0.05
red brown blue
number of tablets sold in 1 week 350 270 300

2. A sociological survey was conducted to find out whether the people from the urban and rural areas feel they are economically better off today than two years ago. Do the urban and rural folks deffer in perception?level of significance 0.05
Dwellers Economically Better Not Economically Better
Urban 12 18
Rural 17 8

3. A group of teachers were asked about their degree of satisfaction with the school befor and after a change in the administration. level of significance 0.05
- +
Before + 7 10
- 12 15
Legend: + satisfied
- not satisfied

4. Parents in two schools were asked about their degree of satisfaction with the academic services that their children received. level of significance 0.05,test whether there is a significant difference between the two school in the satisfaction of the parents
Highly Satisfied Satisfied Not Satisfied
School A 10 8 4
School B 3 5 9

5. Four textbooks on Laguage were ranked according to quality by three experts. test significance with degree of agreement 0.05
Experts A B C D
X 4 3 2 1
Y 4 2 3 1
Z 3 4 1 2
Legend: 1- highest and 4 lowest

i already have an answer for the 2,3(a bit),4 and 5 but i'm still not sure if it is correct, for number two i used mann whitney got an answer of 3.0958 but i dont know how to get my critical value since my n is greater that 30,for number 3 i used wilcoxon signed rank test but no answer because im stuck up of my n being greater than 30, and for number 4 i used wilcoxon signed rank test got an answer of 4, and for number 5 i used kruskal wallis got an answer of -32.487

can you please also write the solutions coz im really having a hard time with these 5 problems thank you