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Thread: chi square statistics

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    Sep 2010

    chi square statistics

    These are the instructions for my math project:

    I) The description of your study and its null hypothesis. Also include your statement of the alternative hypothesis.
    II) A tabulation of the expected distribution for responses based on the null hypothesis and the survey data appropriately rounded to at least two decimal places.
    III) The calculation of the degrees of freedom (how you got it), the value of the chi-squared statistic which would cause rejection of the null hypothesis, a picture, and the value of the chi-square statistic for the survey data to three decimal places.
    IV) A discussion of the rejection or nonrejection of the null hypothesis for your study along with any insightful statements you can make in conclusion.

    Here is the information I was given: Your study is to determine whether male and female students respond differently to the question: “Should student-athletes be paid to play at the college level?” Test the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference between male and female students at Northern Illinois University in their response to the question. Let the level of significance be α = 0.01.

    I am having difficulty with the 3rd instruction. I attached what part of the homework I finished as a document.

    Also, when i calculate for the chi square number (by subtracting the expected # from the observed #, squaring those, then dividing by the expected data.) , I'm getting 98.21. I know that is way too high...

    Thanks for your help.
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