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Thread: Binomial distribution

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    Oct 2008

    Binomial distribution

    Let $\displaystyle X$ be Binomial $\displaystyle B(p,n)$ with $\displaystyle p>0$ fixed, and $\displaystyle a>0$. How can I show that:

    $\displaystyle P(|\frac{X}{n}-p|>a)\le\frac{\sqrt{p(1-p)}}{a^2n}min(\sqrt{p(1-p)},a\sqrt{n})$
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    Feb 2009
    To be smaller than the min, means it's smaller than both.
    Clearly the first is true by chebyshev's
    That means you must also prove that

    $\displaystyle P\left( \left| {X\over n}-p\right|>a\right)\le {\sqrt{p(1-p)}\over a\sqrt{n}}$

    and that's just the st deviation over a, which is markov.
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