The cost of a standard 12 game card (where you select 12 combinations of six numbers) is $4.05c
$8 million is spent by the public each week on lotteries
60% of the takings are returned to winners
The government share is 36%
The lottery organisation receives 4%

1. If you buy a 12 game card, what is the probability of winning with one of the games?
2. How many first division winners are expected each week, assuming each player buys only one standard 12 game card?
3. if all the prize money returned to winners was paid to first division winners only, how much would each winner receive on average?
4. on average, if you bought a standard 12 game card each week, how often could you expect to win first division? (in years) ?
5. imagine you were able to buy 1 12 game card each week for N years, where N is your answer to question 4, how much money would you have spent in that time?
6. many people choose lottery numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries etc. what is the probability that none of the numbers drawn is in the range 1-31?