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Thread: probability of a Hockey team

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    May 2007

    probability of a Hockey team

    Okay this one seemed a little tricky...I would realy appreciate some help. thank you!

    A National Hockey League team is allowed to have 18 "skaters" (non-goalies) in uniform for any one league game. Five of these skaters are allowed on the ice at one time . There are three Forward positions and two Defense positions on the ice. Only Forwards play in the Forward positions and only Defensemen play in the Defense positions. For a particular game, the San Jose Sharks dressed 12 Forwards and 6 Defensemen. How many different stes of five players could Coach Ron Wilson put on the ice at any one time? ( hint: consider this a two satge event.) If each set of five players was equally likely to occur, what probability would you assign to each set of players?
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    Dec 2006
    So you have to pick 5 players.
    3 Forward from the 12 Forward, that is 12C3=220 sets
    2 defence from the 6 Defencemen, 6C2=15
    So, in total are 220x15=3300 possible sets of players.
    Since only one is on the ice, you have 1/3300 probability for a set of players to be on the ice.
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    May 2007


    that makes alot of sence to me now,I can't believe i didn't think of using the choose theory thanks for ur help.
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