Hi, i've tried to solve this problem, but i have only ideas. Can you tell me if this is the way to solve this problem?. Thanks in advance!


Resistance R_1 has a mean value of 330 ohms with a tolerance of 1% corresponding to 3 standard deviations. R_1 has an gaussian distribution. If

V_2 = \frac{R_2}{R_1+R_2}V and


where, V is a 9 Volts constant voltage and R_2 has a value of 330 ohms.

  1. Calulate the mean and variance of V_2
  2. Calculate the pdf of V_2

My ideas:

Only V_2 and R_1 are random variables, and V_2 is a function of R_1, thus V_2 = g(R_1). So, for the mean of V_2:



Or, should i calculate first the cdf with


or, directly the pdf with


Can you give me some tips and hints??

Thank you all!!