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Thread: Need help with probability tutorial!

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    Question Need help with probability tutorial!

    Hey Ive attached the tutorial, The answers are on it, I missed a good few classes for various reasons and dont have a clue where to start with questions 1 and 2. I found good stuff online for q 3. Can anyone help me out or know of any good material I could study in this area??


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    $\displaystyle P(\max \{X,Y\}\le a)=P(X\le a, Y\le a)=P(X\le a)P(Y\le a)=\bigl(F(a)\bigr)^2$

    you can google order statistics, that's a max, you also have a min here.
    BUT you can look at any set of ordered data from a random sample.
    Start here
    end here
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