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Part of an AIDS treatment program assessed the degree of clinical agreement among different doctors on the presence or absence of generalized lymphadenopathy. For 32 randomly selected participants in a prospective study of male sexual contacts of men with AIDS or a related condition, the total number of palpable lymph nodes on each patient was assessed independently by two doctors. Results from each physical examination are given in the file Lymph Nodes on LMS. The data are the number of lymph nodes detected by each doctor.

a) What kind of hypothesis test should be used to investigate whether the doctors differ in the average number of lymph nodes they detect? Justify your choice.

b) Produce the following computer output for the hypothesis test selected in part (3)a):

i) Analysis that includes all relevant calculations.

ii) A suitable graph of the data.

c) Perform the hypothesis test identified in part (a), using a P-value approach and a significance level of 1%. Refer to your computer output where appropriate.