X is a random variable with mean = 20 and variance = 4
Y is a random variable with mean = 10 and variance = 1
the correlation between X and Y is 0.5

Let U = 2X - 3Y,
find the covariance between X and U.

I've tried applying the formula:
cov(X,U) = E(XU) - E(X)E(U), but then I'm not sure how to get E(XU).

I found another formula from wikipedia that says...
If X, Y, W, and V are real-valued random variables and a, b, c, d are constant:

Is this the right way to go about the question?
Will I have something like Cov(X, 2X-3Y) = 2Cov(X,X) - 3Cov(X,Y)?