Hi, I was trying a question but I'm not sure what type of test the question is asking me to perform. I was thinking it might be a test of association or comparing multinomial's. Here is the question:

Suppose there are 3 categories, Final DBP <90 mmHg, final DBP >equal to 90 and < 100mmHg and >equal to 100mmHg. It was decided to recruit 75 subjects for each drug group. However, before the full 6 weeks of treatment had been completed 1 person on Drug A and 4 people on Drug B left the study.

The following data was recorded:

Final DBP------<90 mmHg-------->equal 90 and <100 --->equal to 100--total

Drug A----------42--------------- 21-------------------- 11------------74
Drug B----------31-------------- 21---------------------19------------71
Total-----------73---------------42 --------------------30-----------145

Carry out an appropriate test to see if there was a difference in the effectiveness of the two drugs.

Could some please help me on how to identify what type of test is required as usually in previous examples I have done the question states the test to be performed.