4 fair coins lie on a table.An associated Markov chain is defined to be in state h if the number of coins with heads uppermost is equal to h. At each stage 1 of the 4 coins is chosen at random and turned over.

From the question i dont understand what is meant in the bold writing,does it mean for example if there are 2 heads showing on the table then the state for it to return to the first stage of the Markov Chain should take 2 steps

i) find the transition probabilities ph,h-1 and ph,h+1?
ii)find the transition and stationary distribution of the Markov Chain?

so ph,h+1 is the occurence of a heads being picked
ph,h-1 is the occurence of a tails being picked

if you can just give me the formula for the stationary distribution that will be fine as ill try it myself