1) Suppose a radioactive source is metered for two hours, during which time the total number of alpha particles counted is 482. What is the probability that exactly three particles will be counted in the next two minutes? Answer the question two ways -- first, by defining X to be the number of particles counted in two minutes, and second, by defining X to be the number of particles counted in one minute.

1) There is a theory embraced by certain parapsychologists that hypnosis can enhance a person's ESP ability. To test that hypothesis, an experiment was set up with 15 hypnotized subjects. Each was asked to make 100 guesses using the same sort of ESP cards and protocol that were described in Case Study 4.3.1. A total of 326 correct identifications were made. Can it be argued on the basis of those results that hypnosis does have an effect on a person's ESP ability? Explain.

2) A sell-out crowd of 42,200 is expected at Cleveland's Jacobs Field for next Tuesday's game with the Baltimore Orioles, the last before a long road trip. The ballpark's concession manager is trying to decide how much food to have on hand. Looking at records from games played earlier in the season, she knows that, on the average, 38% of all those in attendance will buy a hot dog. How large an order should she place if she wants to have no more than a 20% chance of demand exceeding supply?